An Interesting Read:

Digital Humanities
On Building
by Stephen Ramsay

In Praise of Pattern
by Stephen Ramsay

Textonics. Literary and Culture Studies in a Quantum World
by Jerome Mcgann

The Reading Brain in the Digital Age
by Ferris Jabr

E-Book Restirctions Leave 'Buyers' With Few Rights
by Michael Hiltzik

He Do the Police in Different Voices
by Adam Hammond and Julian Brooke

The Dangers of Fracking
by Linda Dong

The Scale of the Universe
by Cary Huang

Melville's Marginalia
by Stephen Olsen-Smith, Peter Norberg, Dennis C. Marnon

Wolf Online
by Stephen Olsen-Smith, Peter Norberg, Dennis C. Marnon

Digital Ownership: From Content Consumers to Owners and Traders
by Michael Stini, Martin Mauve, Frank H. P. Fitzek

Through Light and the Alphabet
by Johanna Drucker

About Two Squares
by El Lissitzky

Un "Editing" Shak-speare
by Randall McLeod

Posthumanist Performativity
by Karen Barad

Modernity's Media and the End of Mediumship?
by Rosalind C. Morris

Melville's Fist: The Execution of "Billy Budd"
by Barbara Johnson

The Language of New Media
by Lev Manovich

Between Page and Screen
by Amaranth Borsuk and Brad Bouse

Genesis of the Media Concept
by John Guillory